Please check the Facebook group or Prayer Chain for candidate lists closer to the start of the weekend.


Weekend Leader Norma Jayne 14
Backup Cindy Jenkins
Assistant Lori Brock 11
Assistant Samantha Pritchard 5
Spiritual Director Ann Turner 7, 12
Clergy Doug Brock 9, 2
Clergy Joelle Faulks 4
Head Table Leader Terry Gilbert
Table Leader Christina Brock 8
Table Leader Cindy Gottschall
Table Leader Lynn Quick 10a
Table Leader Mary Ruth Ostrander
Table Leader Sherry Lynn Kelsey
Table Leader Theresa Butler
Head Servant Rhonda Barton 10
Servant Becky Weichenthal
Servant Jill Morales 3
Servant Nanette Belanger 1
Servant Kim Beadle 6
Servant Brenda Seaborn 13
Servant Renee Jock
Servant Jenny Marsh
Head Musician Lisa Edger
Music Servant Breanna Ragsdale
Music Servant Mindy Moseley 15
Prayer Warrior Chad O’Connor

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