The Closer Walk of Upper New York is an ecumenical movement. It provides a method of living, through which one’s spirituality may be developed, lived, and shared in any area of human life where there are Christians willing to dedicate their lives to God in an on going manner. The 3-day weekend experience is a joyous introduction into a grouping and supporting community of friends in Christ – men and women who are working to Christianize their environments. Closer Walk is designed to make it possible to live what is fundamental for being a Christian to live in union with Christ and desire to bring others to Christ

What is Closer Walk?

The fundamental purpose of the Closer Walk of Upper New York is to enrich the commitment of Christians to Christ, to further each person’s individual walk with Christ, develop leaders within the local church, and empower disciples to impact the world with the gospel.  For this reason, the three-day retreat is intensive and intricately scheduled.  The entire weekend is accounted for and used purposefully for worship, fun, communion, witness, meals, learning, singing, praying and sleep.

Because the history of the Closer Walk of Upper New York began with an Episcopal and Roman Catholic heritage the three-day event reflects the privacy of a “cloistered” lifestyle.  Every aspect of the weekend is directed by Biblical and Christian principles consistent with Orthodox Christian Theology and practice.  Closer Walk of Upper New York is not another “church,” it is an extension of the Church’s mission to further individuals’ walk with Christ, and equip people for ministry and leadership within their own local church community.

What happens on the Closer Walk weekend?

The Closer Walk weekend is a three-day experience filled with prayer, reflection, worship, learning, music, and laughter.  During the weekend you will hear a series of talks by both laity and clergy. These talks will help you discover that grace is real in your own life, and how to use the tools of piety, study, and action to understand how that grace presents itself in our modern world. You will learn how to live a life of grace and how to share that grace with others. During the weekend you will participate in the celebration of Holy Communion.  God’s grace will be experienced through acts of service offered by the Closer Walk community. At the end of the three-day weekend you will leave knowing what Christian love is and you will be equipped to return to your church as a Christian leader.

After the Closer Walk weekend, participants are encouraged to join small groups and continue their personal growth in Christ. These groups help each other to remain accountable. Participants can also remain involved by taking part in a local Ultreya group (a monthly meeting for fellowship), or supporting upcoming Closer Walk weekends. For more information on staying involved, visit

Who can go on a Closer Walk weekend?

The Closer Walk weekend is designed to develop Christian leaders and is open to persons of any denomination. Participants should be age 21 or older (Koinonia and YAK are available for younger persons). Participants may be:

·    Seeking to strengthen their spiritual life
·    Searching for answers about their faith
·    Willing to dedicate their life to serving God daily
·    Seeking to recharge their spiritual battery

Each person who attends a Closer Walk weekend will have a “sponsor”. Your sponsor will support and encourage you before, during and after the weekend. Sponsors will pray, provide transportation, answer questions and help as you prepare for your weekend. After the Closer Walk weekend, your sponsor will continue to pray for you and support you.

A journey with Christ

In Luke 24:13, the bible tells the story of two disciples who were going to Emmaus. As these two men were walking along the road, they discussed the recent death of Jesus. An unknown man who explained the scriptures to them joined them. Near the end of their journey, the man took bread, blessed and shared bread with them at which time their eyes were opened and they recognized the man as Christ. These men rushed back to Jerusalem to share the good news. This story is the scriptural basis to the Closer Walk weekend.


Koinonia is a similar three-day weekend designed for young adults aged 15-18. These weekends are held twice a year (March and October) to coincide with school holidays. On these weekends youth will hear a series of talks presented by their peers and clergy. The goals of the weekend are to develop and deepen their relationship with God and strengthen their commitment to follow Jesus in their lives.


The YAK or Young Adult Koinonia weekend is designed for young adults who are in high school and college (ages 18-24). Throughout the weekend participants will gain a foundation that will prepare them to become Christian leaders in their home, church, school and community. On the three-day weekend participants will learn about God’s grace, what it means to be part of the body of Christ and how to give love to a needy world.

Please note: You will only attend or “make” one Koinonia, YAK, or Closer Walk weekend. However, youth who have attended Koinonia or YAK weekends may make a Closer Walk weekend later in life if they desire.

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